Nigerian Soldier Shows Off His Wife Who went Back To School After Childbearing In Enugu

Education is key and it has always been the key to success. These days getting educated isn’t just about going to school and learning math and English anymore, now you can be educated in a particular field or business industry to achieve success.

Even with this innovation in the step of education, there are individuals who have dreams of going to school to learn no matter what.

At times due to financial instability or unforeseen circumstances, some people are unable to further their school education. However, some of these people go back to school to learn once they have the opportunity to do so.

The same is the case of a woman, Precious Chioma Ugwoke, in Enugu state. came across her story after her proud husband shared her story to show her off to the world.

Ugwoke Oloto Odobo, a Nigerian soldier has taken to social media to show off his beautiful wife as she rocks her school uniform.

The proud soldier revealed that his wife had gone back to secondary school after bearing their children. According to the soldier, his wife is currently a Junior Secondary School student in her third year at Andrew Secondary School in Ibagwa-Ani.

He explained that they both made the decision for her to go back to school after they closed the chapter of childbearing.


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