How Teachers In Africa Can Make Extra Income – Expert

Teachers in Africa are evidently the most economically disempowered of all professions despite being the greatest contributors to the development of the continent and they can equally be regarded as being synonymous with poverty. Teacher According to more than 90% of African governments, there are no funds to increase the much-needed salaries for teachers and even if the funds were there, increasing salaries for teachers will only lead to inflation and further agitation by other civil servants.

This is the long-held position of African governments and institutions while that of private school proprietors is that they are struggling and have at least managed to do better than the peanuts paid by public schools. This current status quo has gone on for decades, forcing teachers to abandon the profession, leading to loss of quality/skilled educators which then downgrades the quality of education in Africa.

It has also led to teachers skipping classes in pursuit of economic gains also leading to lack of importation of knowledge to the students. In some other cases, teachers now take bribes from parents and students to give them pass marks which accounts for the reason Africa is now full of “educated” illiterates with many having certificates yet lacking any academic depth.

It is now a known fact in Africa that a primary school educated person a few decades ago is far more literate than today’s university graduate. Development Channel, advocate of Africa’s first economic war has however come to the rescue because they believe that funds for Africa’s development lies first in the $203 billion dollars capital flight that leaves the continent yearly, and that teacher’s salaries can be doubled without it causing inflation or leading to any further agitation by other civil servants.

Led by Charles N. Lambert, the organization says its new unprecedented initiative, the Teachers Revenue Source (TRS) will put African teachers exactly where they should be through daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual salaries earned by the teachers’ participation part-time in the patriotic duty of being a public enlightenment officer in Africa’s first economic war.

“Teachers are expected to earn a minimum of $200 in basic monthly salary from their participation in TRS with very committed ones earning up to $1,000 per month. It should be noted that teachers in Africa currently earn an average of $100 per month. The Teachers Revenue Source (TRS) initiative also helps teachers get many need-based products for free and high expensive items such as vehicles on credit terms with deductions from the TRS salary and not the primary salary of the teacher.

As at the time of this report, thousands of teachers are flocking to be trained on how to use the Development Channel Mother App and work from their various individual locations for the economic war which empowers them yet empowers the continent”, he said.

Source: Vanguard.

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