Gombe Gov Declares Emergency On Education

Gombe State Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has declared a state of emergency on the state’s educational sector.Gombe State Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has declared a state of emergency on the state’s educational sector. His spokesman, Ismaila Uba Misilli, in a statement yesterday, said Yahaya received with great dismay, the 2019 ranking of  the West African […]

Foundation To Train 200,000 Youths In Governance

Baywood Foundation, a non-government organisation concerned about the advancement of youths and education, has said that it is ready to train 200,000 youths in governance and politics. The foundation, through its founder, Chris Baywood-Ibe, made this known during a briefing held recently, where it also sought the support of the African Union to prepare youths […]

Youths Seek End To Sexual Harassment In Schools

The youth in Gombe State on Monday, at an event organised by Care for Life in Cham, in the Balanga Local Government Area, expressed their misgivings on issues constituting an obstacle to change in the education sector. Speaking at the event, the Executive Director, Care for Life, Mr Peters Placidus, described transformative education as relevant, […]

Building Confidence In Digital Technologies

Programming, systems technology, computational and algorithmic thinking are all key components of the Digital Technologies curriculum that educators are teaching in New South Wales schools. But how confident are they in understanding and delivering this curriculum overall? To help teachers to build their skills and confidence in these areas, Emanuel School in Sydney hosted a […]

Teaching Assistants In Australia

Clarity around the role of a teaching assistant (TA) in Australia can be a challenge. The term ‘teaching assistant’ refers to an adult who works in the classroom to support teachers. They are also commonly known as school learning support officers, teachers’ aides, assistant teachers, classroom support officers or integration aides. Across jurisdictions the terminology, […]

A Guide To Videoing Yourself Teach

For Marco Cimino, the decision to begin filming sections of his lessons was borne from his desire to ensure absent students could catch up on lessons they’d missed. Since he got started, he’s found it also allows him to reflect on his own practice as an educator. ‘It’s a really reflective process where I can […]

Leah Davies, M.Ed Biography

Leah Davies received her Master’s Degree from the Department of Counseling and Counseling Psychology, Auburn University. She has been dedicated to the well-being of children for over 44 years as a certified teacher, counselor, prevention specialist, parent, and grandparent. Her professional experience includes teaching, counseling, consulting, instructing at Auburn University, and directing educational and prevention […]

Reading Aloud To Children

Listening comprehension is vitally important if students are to achieve reading comprehension. Children who come from homes with minimal language enrichment need to hear new words if they are to become proficient readers. Reading aloud to children, even if only for a short time each day, enhances their language skills, as well as their love […]

Discipline For Young Children

What is discipline?  Teaching and training done for the child. Goals?  –> To help the child: Feel capable. Learn self-control. Learn to respect the rights of others. Learn acceptable rules of behavior. Learn coping skills to use throughout life. Learn to accept responsibility for his or her own behavior. How? Accept and value each child […]

Hideous Federal Universities’ Facilities

FACILITIES in the country’s universities, especially those owned by the Federal Government, have become an eyesore, thereby reducing them to shadows of citadel of learning. As a result, the Academic Staff Union of Universities and students have been protesting for a change to no avail. Graphic details of the poor state of infrastructure at some […]