Schools Must Resume With Cautious Optimism – Onyeukwu

A stakeholder in the educa­tion sector and Proprietor of Excellent Foundation College, Agidingbi, Lagos, Sir Temple Ogueri Onyeukwu has called for caution as the federal and state governments announce ease on lockdown on schools caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus disease.

Sir Onyeukwu, in an inter­view with Daily Independent, appealed to private school owners and managers of pub­lic sector education to prepare and reopen schools with cau­tious optimism.

He said, “Schools manage­ment must diligently mon­itor the compliance of the non-pharmaceutical protocols put in place to safeguard the students, parents’ staff and the school.”

Onyeukwu tasks the gov­ernment to give equal atten­tion to education at all levels, saying that the yardstick used in measuring the performance of children in Lagos cannot be applied in assessing children from remote communities across the country.

“Children in Lagos have more challenges and they have more exposure than most chil­dren in the rural area and they are exposed to the same exam­ination. Generally, in Nigeria, I think we are in a hurry to meet up with the advanced world because all technology they develop, improve and modify daily are only acquired and ap­plied without any local input and this is affecting us.

Even in the advanced world, there is no substitute for physical teaching and learning. Though with the de­velopment in technology and the rest they still have their computer, laptops and the rest still they go to school and use the equipment.

Source: Independent News

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