Students and night classes

WHEN we think of night classes, what comes to mind?

For some it is to read, for others it is to reconnect with friends they are not able to meet during the day while for some, it is to fraternise.

Night classes also known as evening classes is a language mostly used in our higher institutions and is a term applied to where and when students attend to their academic activities during the evening  or at night because of  serene environment. In night classes, students who have busy schedules during the day make out time to study and prepare for their exams. Students use this opportunity to cover all or most of their courses.

According to a survey carried out in 2013 by the American College Health Association, students undergo a certain level of stress especially due to lack of sleep.

Based on research, adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Most times, students who go for night classes are not able to balance their schedule because of a busy day. It is expected that for one to engage in night classes, he/she should be able to plan his/her time right; that is keeping a regular sleep schedule, avoid taking in caffeine or alcohol before going to bed and if there is no ample time to sleep, a nap could be good.

Some students with misplaced priorities find the night class a socialising ground, a time out from all academic activities where they can meet up with old pals and discuss issues not academic related.

Night classes  help students to be ahead of the class.Students also have more time to prepare before the class.

Many  students who  engage in part-time jobs during the day also  revert to night classes to cover up lost grounds.

Night classes help students to  expand their  network because they  meet with people from other departments, with people who may have graduated in their field or with people doing higher degrees in their course of study.Thus, they can  discuss and learn more from them  and establish a relationship that can last for a lifetime.

Students are, therefore, advised to maximise every opportunity they have in night classes and forsake distractions. They should also be focused and set their priorities right before attending night classes.


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