Children’s education, focus of my future philanthropy

While he has a larger-than-life image as a showbiz promoter, Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu, aka Kristen Dawodu, also has a popular facet as a philanthropist.

The US-based boss of Lagos-based KD Records gained publicity for his humanitarian work during the Covid-19 lockdown period in 2020 when he was helping those in need with cash largesse on social media.

“Since the lockdown was over, I still keep my habit of helping people because that has been my biggest lifestyle; I can never stop given and helping others in my little way,” he affirmed.

For his efforts, Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu has received multiple awards for his philanthropy—including Carter Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Award for Outstanding Philanthropist and Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser
He gave further insight on his famous charity acts on social media: “I handle my charity program on social media every week where I give money out to people whose need are more than mine.”

The 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in America, as stringent as it was, forcing Americans to remain indoors for months on end, could not deter him from continuing his outreach to people, he ascertained. “I focused on giving out much-needed money to my Nigerian ´families´ and friends who needed help,” said Oluwagbemiga Dawodu. “That period was a tough season globally, especially for families in Africa.”

He humanitarian acts, he avowed, were driven by his experience in Nigeria before he migrated to America. “It’s was tough for me when I was in Nigeria. Life was not easy for me. I went through a lot of challenges. This is my major motivation for helping the needy,” he reflected.

The idea of floating a charity organization is not far from the thoughts of Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu.
He said: “I have planned this over and over, but due to my location, it’s really difficult. America is not a place like Nigeria and most of the people I want to help are Nigerian, I want to focus on helping in the area of education. Our children need good, sound and functional education.”


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