Why Should You Use Digital PDFs Instead of Papers?

For a long time, paper has played an important role in sort of businesses, work and academic life. From making notes to printing digital documents, the paper is used in one way or another. With the changing time, the way of doing things is also changing and now is the right time to replace the usage of papers with digital PDFs. There are ample reasons for you to switch to digital PDFs and we are going to list them out for you.

1. Data volume becomes manageable
Imagine printing hundreds of papers and studying them and that too, every once in a while. How bulky will it be to manage such a volume of data through paper? Such a large volume of data can easily be managed in PDFs. Also, sharing the documents as PDFs is very easy. You won’t be needing any transporter for moving the files from here to there. You may ​combine PDF​ into a single file to avoid the clutter of attaching multiple files.

2. Increases efficiency
A survey by Developing People Globally has found that 57% of the office workers spend at least an hour daily in searching for documents. Imagine the amount of time that they are wasting! Searching a particular paper from piles of pages manually is surely a Herculean task. This isn’t the case with the PDFs where one can easily search for an item that they are looking for and have it on the screen.

3. Saves money
Printing requires money and it is expensive. No one can deny that! The more pages you print, the more money you would be spending. If you remove the process of printing your documents into pages altogether, you would surely save a lot of money. So, when you decide to use digital PDFs, you not only increase efficiency but also save money. The money that you save can be used in other important things.

4. Allows businesses to offer better customer service
Imagine a customer calls you complaining about something for a product that they have purchased. Would you like to look for the invoice of that particular product lost in myriad other invoices? Won’t it be easy to go through the information quickly if a PDF copy is available to you?

5. Increased level of security
A piece of information in a paper can travel everywhere and can be stolen easily. Document as PDF can be password protected and you have an added layer of security to control who can access the document.

6. Reduces environmental impact
Climate change is real and as a responsible individual one should do whatever they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. When one switches to paper and decides to go digital, a decision is actually made to go greener. By using paper, you decide to save the environment.

7. Easy access
Do you remember the time back when you forgot a file and you had to drive all the way back to fetch it? When you carry your documents as PDF, you won’t face this accessibility ever. You can store the PDF in cloud story and then access it from anywhere during any time.

8. Improves searchability
Searching something manually in a paper document can soon lead to frustrations. Sometimes, if you miss something or are not sure whether you searched it properly, you have to start that process all over again. How tiring! With PDF, you can search for the exact thing by simply searching for the keywords in the document.

9. Portability
Portable Document Format or PDF, by default, is portable. All the files that you save in the format of PDF can be easily carried with you. Carrying boxes of papers can be tiring but sharing anything with PDF is easy and quick.

10. Editing
Editing in PDF is easy and it is especially very handy when a piece of documents need to go to and fro for people living in separate geographical locations. One can highlight and also add notes and comments on anything that you want. The editing feature of the PDF further improves efficiency for the people who are working as a team. You can even ​convert Word to PDF​ for if that’s easier at your convenience.

Having documents in the paper makes sense when some sort of physical signatures are required or any kind of seal is needed. In such a case, it is okay to use paper. However, if you know that the usage of paper can be avoided by having the document in PDF, go for it without a second thought.

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