Covid-19: Don seeks more investment in education

Founder and Chief Executive, Educorp World, Prof. Aderinto Adeyombo has called for more investment in education considering the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the sector.

The United States- based don, noted that the pandemic has exposed the poor infrastructure in the country’s education system, calling on government at all levels to commit money to rebuilding the sector.

“We need to put more money in education. Even before the pandemic we had problems. We have to rethink our infrastructure as a nation.

“Our investment in infrastructure is not much. Funding education is what smart countries do,” Adeyombo said in a webinar organised by the National Mathematical Centre (NMC), Abuja.

The programme was a colloquium on the current trends in education in a COVID-19 pandemic environment.

He lamented that the Nigeria’s education was regressing as a result of poor funding and other factors.

Acting Coordinator, Mathematical Sciences Education Programme at the NMC, Dr. Steve Oluwaniyi the expressed concern over the current trends in the education system amidst COVID-19 pandemic and calls for effective implementation of education policies to enhance national development.

Oluwaniyi said that there was need for the three tiers of governments to ensure that more money was spent on education to improve the education system of the country.

He said: “The time of lip service is over; there are so many things in the national policy for education that has not been implemented.

“So there should not only be policy formulation, there should also be policy implementation because it will be difficult for a country to grow and develop without proper implementation of relevant policies.

“There is need for adequate evaluation and monitoring. We need to have the passion as a nation and individual to ensure our educational system moves forward, because the difference between developed countries and developing countries is in education.”

Discussing further on the topic: “Managing the classroom environment in the COVID-19 pandemic atmosphere looking at class size, infrastructure and classroom interactions for effective learning” he expressed serious concerns over the poor state of the classrooms.

“Looking at the school environment in this situation, even before the pandemic, schools had the challenge of large class size.

“And with the large number of students it becomes a challenge to maintain social distancing as prescribed by presidential task force on COVID-19.

“Coupled with this large class size is the issue of infrastructure. Most of the schools are not well taken care of, dilapidated buildings, no good sitting arrangements,” Oluwaniyi noted.

Oluwaniyi called on the government at all levels and other non-state actors to support the education sector with more funds.


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