Name, shame, punish corrupt persons – UNIVERSITY DONS

The Pro-Chancellor, Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Prof. Ayodeji Olukoju and the Vice-chancellor of Anchor University, Lagos, Prof. Joseph Afolayan, have suggested ways for the country to tackle corruption.

The duo spoke to The PUNCH in an interview, on Monday.

Olukoju said the country should set up a system where convicted corrupt people would be named, shamed and punished.

He said, “When we talk of corruption, there are no consequences in the public sector as you have in the private sector. Therefore, we are going to focus on public sector corruption for now.

“It is to set a system that works; we should have a system that punishes. I will propose that if someone is accused of corruption, you don’t ask the person to return just the money. The purpose of punishment is to ensure that nobody ever does that again.

“There is the need to punish the culprit in such a way that they become poor and wretched; put them in jail, let them taste poverty and hardship. We should have a system that name and shame corrupt people.

Olukoju also explained that corruption in the country was systemic and had drifted from the top to the brazen.

“Corruption is systemic; it has drifted right from the top to the brazen and all strata of the economy has been affected. The solution is to focus on the strategic areas of the economy for example. I will say, start with the oil sector because if you get into the oil sector which is where the money comes because a lot is being lost to corruption.”

In his view, Afolayan said every Nigerian needed to be transformed at heart, saying only then could Nigeria be free of corruption.

He said, “When you talk of corruption, it is a general problem that has to do with mankind. If you must end corruption, you must address the heart of the problem. Except an individual is rightly transformed he will not be able to control his environment and the challenges of corruption that we have. Naturally, every human being is deprived by nature. To end corruption the heart must be changed. According to the word, it is important to take care of our heart because out of it are the issues of life.  It is not just the environment that makes them corrupt, it is inbuilt. To address the issue of corruption in Nigeria, there must be a general transformation of men and women in our system otherwise, you just say there’ll be no solution.

Nigeria is a religious country, if they take to the realities, dictates, requirements of whatever religion they belong to I believe there will be some solution. Transformation is done by the power of God. It will become easy. Transformation of the heart is the real thing that can change situation whether you are black or white the transformation must come from God.”


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