Old student calls for more investment in education

The President of Old Grammarian Society, CMS Grammar School, Lagos, Mr Olu Vincent, has called for more investment in the education sector.

Vincent, who was a former Director of Central Bank of Nigeria, said OGS believed that  investment in education was the greatest asset any nation could have, adding that Africa and Nigeria would still rise and be relevant worldwide.

“If Africa will rise like Mandela said, until Nigeria gets its pride of place, Africa will never be respected worldwide. So if we are looking forward to Africa being great, we must start from Nigeria, and if we are looking at Nigeria, investment in education is the greatest asset Nigeria and any nation can have.

“We are looking forward to a great African continent.”

He explained that the association was able to engage in so many impactful educational projects in CMS Grammar Schoolmbecause of the commitment of its members, saying they did not relent in making financial contributions whenever they are called on to do so.

Vincent explained that OGS made transparency and honesty its focus in ensuring appropriate use of the association’s finance.

“The school happens to be a faith-based school, there are values as Grammarians that we cherish; transparency, and honesty. And anything we do, there must be accountability, if one kobo is missing; I can assure you the old boys will rise up against the leadership.  No matter who you are, if you become the president of OGS, you must be in firm control  and be able to ensure that you apply transparency and accountability in the way you run the affairs of the society.”


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