Graduates with digital skills stand better chances of employment – ICT expert

Graduates who acquire additional acknowledge in digital marketing and general creative technology stand better chance for employment in multi-national firms and other blue-collar companies.

The Director and CMO of Activecode Business Hub, a Forex, ICT based/ Digital marketing Company, Mr Kelvin Akparanta, stated this in Calabar during a pre-launch briefing of his book: “Everything personal branding and digital marketing”.

Akparanta called on the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, include technological skills like digital marketing, branding into secondary & tertiary school curriculums.

He further said he strongly believes that digital skills should be taught as basic subject / courses in schools.

His words:” I strongly believe and advocate personal branding and digital marketing should be taught in Nigerian schools as basic courses and subjects.

“The book has been in development since 2019. It was finally ready at the fall of 2020 but got published in 2021.

“It is a masterpiece of 2 years of meticulous research and over 9 years of personal experience all embodied in the subject matter.

“The idea is to create a perfect resource for beginner-to-advanced professionals and digital marketers looking to learn new skills or improve on existing ones.

“The e-version of the book is in the works and would be in major Nigerian and foreign languages, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and of course French to cater for the needs of the French-speaking parts of the African continent.”

The ICT guru, who has consulted for major brands in Nigeria, including Carnival Calabar and more said his book when put into practice can curb unemployment to the bearest minimum.

“I hereby implore the Minister of Education to explore ways on how to make these assertions a reality. Take a look at huge multi-national IT companies like Google, Amazon and so on who are creating their own curriculum, changing the narrative in technology because they believe that the future is digital and it all starts with personal branding,” Akparanta said.

He further explained the uniqueness of the subject matter cuts across all professions.

“If you are a medical doctor, you can be a better medical doctor with proper personal branding and hit more clients for your hospital with a good knowledge of digital marketing.

“Lawyers, engineers, farmers, civil servants, accountants, politicians, business owners… in fact any profession you can think of,” he stated.


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