‘Special needs students can live normal lives’

THE head of the school, Anthos House, a school for children with special needs, Dr Kimberley Scollard, has reiterated the need for people not to look down on children with special needs, saying they can as well live a normal life.

Scollard, in a statement on Tuesday, said the special needs students of the school have unveiled an online store. The store, she said featured pieces of jewelery, furniture, and artworks made from recycled materials during their vocational classes.

Scollard, in the statement, said the school was committed to changing the narrative that special needs children don’t have anything to offer society.
She said, “In the past, special needs children were usually locked at home because their parents didn’t believe they could make valuable contributions to society. Things started changing when inclusive schools started admitting and providing learning support for children with special needs.

“Today, at Anthos House, we are happy that our special needs students are not just in school to learn about only academics, they are fast becoming as independent as possible because they are acquiring the skills needed to take their place in society.”


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