Panel’ll not treat memoranda on personal scores

The chairman of the Presidential Visitation Panel of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa in Kwara State, Prof. Duro Oni, has says the panel is not set up to witch-hunt anyone and neither is it a ground to settle personal scores between the management and Officials.

Rather than concentrating energy on personal crises in institutions, Oni explained that the panels were set-up to fashion out ways  of improving tertiary institutions and development of education in the country.

While addressing the staff of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, on the commencement of the panel seating, Oni called for memoranda from members of the institution and the public on suggestions that  would assist the development of the Institution.

“The people should not see it as an opportunity to come and take revenge against those who are dully appointed. We should make it very clear that our job is to listen to everyone.

“We are not a court of law or are we appointed here to pass judgment on anyone. All we are expected to do is to study the situation of the polytechnic here and make recommendations.

“We will entertain all memoranda especially if they have any information that will be useful to the panel and which will bring development to the Institution whether they are from the staff or members of the community,” he added.

The rector of the Institution, Dr Lateef Olatunji, who said the last time the Polytechnic had a visitation panel was in 2012, requested that the discrimination between the Polytechnic graduates and their University counterparts to be addressed, saying Nigerian Polytechnics were not enjoying the same privilege with the Universities.

Other members of the visitation panel include, Mr Sunday Ogunkunle, Prof. Rotgak Gofwen,

Mrs Hadiza Turkur, Mr Sekonde Davies, Mr Sani Savlawa, and Mr Ethelbert Onuha.


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