Canadian immigration firm plans scholarship for Nigerian students

NavigateToCanada, a Canadian immigration consulting firm has announced plans to grant Nigerian students scholarships to study in Canada.

It stated this during its opening in Lagos last week.

President of the firm, Apostle Bible Davids, said at a briefing before last Thursday’s launch held at Providence House, Lekki, Lagos that it was the firm’s way to give back to the society.

“We are looking forward to opportunities to give back towards giving scholarships to students. We’ll have scholarship programmes for qualified students to enable them go to Canada to study and sponsor them when the time comes,” he said.

With Canada among the top immigration destinations in the world, Davids said the firm would help Nigerian students and others find the most suitable Canadian immigration programme available to migrate legally.

“NavigateToCanada can make you rest assured that you are attended to by people who have experienced and are schooled in immigration law that can help process your request. We also help to profile immigrants for the evaluation so that they can know which of the 80 strings of immigration that they should plug into,” he said.

Also speaking, vice president of the firm, Rebecca Bible Davids, said experts at the firm were professionals with over 30 years’ experience dealing with immigration issues.  She added that the firm was a certified member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

“When it comes to NavigateToCanada at the immigration aspect, one of the basic problems with immigration is that we have people who are inexperienced who are handling people’s applications and many people have found themselves in trouble by just connecting with the wrong people and making a mess of their application but with NavigateToCanada, you can be rest assured that the people who are handling the applications are experienced.

“As I told you that we have 30 years of experience in handling immigration matter with the wealth of information and wealth of knowledge. We have people who are schooled in immigration more and they can help you to process your application so that you can get successful result in your application,” she said.


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