Lions clubs beg government to protect schools

The Lions Clubs International, district 404B2, Nigeria, has called on the government to find a lasting solution to the insecurity situation in the country so that schools will be secured for children.

This assertion was made by the district governor of the club, Dr Ademola Adesoye, on Thursday, during the children’s day celebration at the Bab-es Salaam Orphanage Home, GRA, Ikeja.

Adesoye advised the government to seek for assistance outside the country if the security apparatus could not handle the present challenges.

“This Nigerian government needs to take drastic measure on security, we must look for ways to combat insecurity. We need to request for support outside the country if we cannot combat. Our government should take important steps on security,” he said.

He added that due to the incessant insecurity issues, government should provide more access to online learning for pry and secondary schools.

Adesoye also said the club decided to celebrate the children’s day with the orphans so that they do not feel neglected

“These children are our heritage. Whatever we do to them today will remain in their hearts, they will know that the society loves them.”

Chairman of the planning committee, Mrs Folasade Ashafa also said, “We all know things are getting out of hands in Nigeria especially in the north, children are no longer going to school. Security is the first thing the government should tackle, they should secure the schools so that children will have confidence to go back to school.”

The club supported the orphanage home with school bags, food stuffs, provisions, cakes, cooked food and other daily needs.


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