NGO to empower 1m pupils

A Non-Governmental Organization, The Stellar Initiative (TSI), will educate one million pupils on drug abuse and give five million pieces of stationery to pupils in disadvantaged communities in Benin, Kano, Oyo, Enugu, Kogi and others.

This it will do through its Book Tour and Movie Show project, launched on April 5.

The initiative will leverage the movie ‘Nimbe’ to educate pupils on drug abuse, bullying, self-esteem, among others.

Lead Volunteer and Founder of TSI, Precious Eniayekan, said the project would positively impact pupils in low-income communities.

She said: “Studies according to UNICEF have shown that one in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria.  This to us means that there is need for an urgent intervention in the education sector. Every Nigerian child deserves the right to quality education, irrespective of their financial capacities or geographical locations.

“Sadly, many communities continue to degrade due to several blue factors, ranging from economic downturn to financial instability, to lack of security and lots more. Raising children in communities like this, without proper care, will not only hurt the child, but ultimately deprive Nigeria of building a sustainable nation. It is therefore important to pay closer attention to how children are raised in disadvantaged communities.

“Having launched this project at Ijero Baptist Primary School, Ebutte Meta, and received positive feedback, we believe that expanding our reach to other regions is a step in the right direction towards instilling the kinds of character, beliefs, and support every child should have.”

The Stellar Initiative is a non-profit organisation committed to the welfare, development and growth of children in rural communities.


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