Bridge delivers high quality education – Uche Orji, NSIA MD

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) Uche Orji has disclosed that the investment made in Bridge Nigeria delivers high quality education to children from low-income homes.

Orji made this known during an interview to discuss the performance of Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund in 2020, stating how the Authority has been investing for the benefit of Nigerians and hints on some new investments NSIA is set to make that will help transform the Nigerian economy.

According to the NSIA boss, “Our investment in Bridge Academies delivers high quality education to children from low-income homes. This is a fantastic programme. The children are taught world class curriculum.

The result has been stunning. The literacy and numeracy level of the beneficiary kids have gone up. We believe that very soon we will start to make profit from our investment in the project.” Orji added.

Orji’s statement supports the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) independent report, that there is equity of learning in Bridge schools, regardless of the child’s socio-economic status. The report reveals that Bridge pupils in Lagos are demonstrating higher achievement than their peers in other low-fee schools or public schools. The report says, “In literacy, students at Bridge schools perform better than pupils at other private schools (by 0.35 standard deviation) and public schools (by 1.38 standard deviation)”.

It shows that Bridge is helping children from poor families in Lagos to learn, improving access to quality education and providing the best overall learning attainment in the local communities.

Bridge Nigeria is a network of nursery and primary schools in underserved communities in Lagos and Osun State, creating opportunities for children to grow and explore their potential.


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