HART Launches Mobile Education Unit Project in Nigeria

HART is raising funds to provide healthcare and education for displaced communities who have fled conflict in Nigeria’s north and central regions. Working with our in-country partner, the Diocese of Jos, the project seeks to provide mobile assistance to people scattered around displacement camps and host villages. Given the ongoing inter-communal conflict wreaking havoc across Nigeria, thousands of children are out of school and many people suffer for days and weeks awaiting medical attention after suffering an injury from an attack.

Through purchasing vans and equipping them either with scholastic materials and monitors or medical and first-aid equipment, this project seeks to ensure equitable access to education and healthcare for displaced communities. The provision of mobile units rather than repairing damaged school or medical buildings is a considered attempt to vastly reduce the ongoing threat to stationary educational and healthcare facilities faced from both Islamist Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram.

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