Lagos SUBEB shores up safety with first aid boxes

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB) took safety in schools a notch higher with the acquisition of first aid boxes for its 1,016 primary schools.

However, health officers say it should go a step further by training teachers and others in the school environment to put them to effective use – a move the permanent board member in charge of co-curricular activities, Mrs. Sherifat Adedoyin, said is in the works.

She said the boxes contained iodine, glucose, paracetamol, hand sanitizers, hand gloves, moko lubricant and many other items.

Speaking at the presentation/distribution of the boxes to the schools last Thursday in Lagos, the SUBEB Chairman, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King, who was represented by board member in charge of Quality Assurance, Dayo Israel, thanked Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for approving the project.

“The chairman followed the approval of the project with his excellence because of the significance of equipping our schools with first aid boxes.  With this significant activity, we will see that our children are going to receive healthcare in school. The chairman would like to appreciate the education secretaries and head teachers and hopes that the boxes would be well utilized,” he said.

In an interview, the desk officer in charge of health at Agege LGEA, Bakare Adebayo, praised the board for the initiative, saying the first aid boxes would make the schools safer and able to manage injuries among the pupils, especially during sporting activities.

“I would say an appreciation to the governor to start with because he has shown concern for safety. The pupils are up and doing; they engage in sporting activities so there is no how they can afford not to experience injuries when they play around in the school.  So there is a very good reason for us to have a well-equipped first aid box to cushion the effect of injuries before the arrival of medical personnel,” he said.

I will implore SUBEB to train the head officers how to use the first aid and after training is we are going to step down for our health teachers. We are now going to train them how to use first aid it is necessary you know the times to apply spirit, iodine and some other things like that because if they don’t train them they may not know the way it is and they may most likely have expired drugs there.

On her part, Desk Officer in charge of health at Oshodi/Isolo Local Government Education Authority (LGEA), Mojisola Ajayi said training of desk officers and school-based health officers was necessary so they learn how to respond to emergencies.

“I would implore SUBEB to train the health officers how to use the first aid and after training, we would train school health officers how to use first aid. It is necessary you know the times to apply spirit, iodine and some other things.  If they are not trained, they may not know the way it is and may most likely have expired drugs,” she said.

Speaking on plans to keep the boxes well utilized and maintained, Mrs. Adedoyin said LASUBEB would monitor all schools and replenish the consumables regularly.

“We monitor schools from time to time and one of the things we will demand to see is the first aid box. We will open and check all the items there; and then we do replacement. When necessary, we will also check for expired items.  All the ones you see here the one that will expire so soon is 2023,” she said.

She added that the health officers would soon be trained.

“We train them from time to time. We train all our health officers and we are organizing another one very soon to teach them and educate them on the proper use of these items,” she said.


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