Come to our aid, special needs school begs government

Stakeholders of the Ojuwoye Community Primary&Inclusive Unit, Mushin, Lagos has called on the Lagos State Government to assist them in making learning and teaching effective in the school

Executive Secretary, Mushin Local Government Education Authority, Mrs Olufemi Akinlude, at  an event, titled, ‘Showcasing The Talents of Children with Special Needs,’ on the school premises on Thursday, said, the school lacked educational materials that would assist in the development and learning of the students.

She also encouraged parents of special needs children to allow them to socialise and enrol them in school.

“These children need motivation from government and private sector, they need toys, good food, physiotherapists, laptops. Parents don’t take care of them, they just drop them and go. We need functional school bus, nurses, and vocational materials. They are our future and we need  to showcase the hidden talents in these children. It touches my heart to see the level of stigmatisation meted on them. These children with special needs are being hidden; parents do not want to bring them out but they are highly talented and they should not be denied their privileges. They have the right to quality life like others. He/she is entitled to public funded education.”

Head, Inclusive Unit, Mrs Morufat Omotunde, lamented that they were short-staffed and needed modern instructional materials.

She said, “We do not have enough members of staff. We depend on volunteers;  some parents, NGOs who come to support us.

“We also train the children in ICT, so, we need laptops, desktops,  well equipped vocational centres with instructors,  instructional materials, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, audiology equipment and audiologists, cleaners.”

The theme of the event was ‘Bridging The Gaps: Including The Excluded’.


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