LASUBEB tells teachers to show love to learners

Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board has enjoined teachers across the state to show more love to their learners.

Executive Chairman, LASUBEB, Mr Wahab Alawiye-King,  gave this admonition during a breakfast event with the 33 teachers who gave brilliant summaries of all they were taught during the EkoExcel training.

He explained that if learners were shown love, they would assimilate faster and perform excellently in their academics.

“We have just hired some teachers and some of them performed excellently during the training and this is what we have to encourage them and they will be our ambassador. We are showing them that  they did well and they should also show love to the children because if  you show love to children, they will learn easily and none of them will be left behind,” he said.

“When the sustainable project was launched in 2015, it was discovered that many  teachers across the world are not trained, so we decided to train our teachers. Teachers are not recognised, but we see you as peers, burden bearers, service providers,  we feel it is necessary for us to appreciate you, go back to your society with new vigour, new energy, show love to the children and be committed,” he said.

Permanent board member, special project,  EkoExcel, Mr Adebayo Adefuye, said, “It is about rewarding excellence, rewarding our teachers so they can put in their best. We initiated it to further encourage you.  Carry every child along, the child neglected today may become the problem of the country tomorrow, leave no child behind.”


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