Group sponsors Global Ideas competition, drives education creativity

To drive the campaign on educational creativity as a cornerstone of personal progress and societal change, the BIC Corporate Foundation has announced its title sponsorship of the sixth edition of Ideas World Cup (IWC), the largest brainstorming event in the world where individuals and teams from cities around the globe compete to solve a social issue using the power of creative thinking.

This year’s theme, ‘How Can We Inspire Creativity In Education’, was selected based on the universal need for creative education and potential for global impact.

IWC is a month-long not-for-profit competition founded in 2014 by Juan Prego, a pioneer in teaching organisations and teams from all sectors to unlock the power of creative thinking and rewire their cultures to be more inventive. Each year, IWC rewards projects that have the potential to be implemented locally, nationally, or globally with prizes to help bring their ideas to life. This year, the winner will also have access to mentors from the BIC Corporate Foundation’s Corporate Community of Practice, a global coalition of educators, researchers, foundations, artists, and NGOs to help maximize their idea’s impact.

In his remark, Prego said IWC is a true celebration of human creativity. “We connect people from all over the world and tap into their inner creative power, proving that if we join heads, hearts, and hands, we can solve some of the most difficult global problems we face. Everyone can be creative, and through that creativity we can forge a brighter future.”

Prego noted that this year’s theme prompts participants to ideate how creativity can evolve from an abstract concept into an applied foundational element of the learning process; an essential life skill that can be taught, cultivated, and championed across all subjects throughout the global educational system, and become a transformational tool that can be used to solve the most challenging problems society faces.”

Executive Director, BIC Corporate Foundation Alison James said: “We believe that creativity is the key to unlocking a better future. Our aim with this year’s theme is to celebrate the development of the creative mind and inspire a movement around creativity in education for people of all ages and backgrounds.”

Registration is now open at for any person or group who wishes to enter, with the competition officially starting on World Creativity Day, April 21, 2022.


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