ACAOSA alumni seek urgent restructuring of education sector

The Old Students Association of Anwar-Ul Islam Model College, Agege, formerly known as Ahmadiya College, Agege (ACAOSA), has called for urgent restructuring of the education sector to mitigate strikes.

The old students, who spoke at the launch of a symposium and endowment fund in honour of 95-year-old Alhaji Jimoh Gbadamosi, a former principal of the school, said that only restructuring could effectively tackle education woes.

The Guest Speaker, Prof. Murtala Bidmus, said that Nigeria is not yet developed because the education sector was not structured for development.

He said: “Those who brought education to Nigeria were missionaries and it was only to serve their own purpose and not for the development of Nigeria.

“The 1969 conference failed to address the education problems and development of the country.”

The mindset of education today is not for development, but to go to school, get qualified, get a job, car, good salary and you are okay, but not developed. Let us restructure our education and things will be better for all of us.”

President General of ACAOSA, Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN), said there must be a restructuring of the education system, judicial system and governance system to meet the country’s needs.

He said: “Education without purpose is just self-actualisation and that will not lead to development. Go to China, in a single room, they will be manufacturing something from inside and they will be exporting it to us. What have we done with our own education? Nothing.

“The problem with our education is that it needs to be restructured to make it purposeful for development.”

Pedro also called for a compromise between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to end the ongoing strike.

He said: “I appeal to the Federal Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to give concessions in the fresh ongoing discussion in the interest of the students and parents who can not afford foreign and private universities.

“If either party to the dispute gives concession that leads to return of lecturers and students to our public universities, that party will not be seen as weak but having sacrificed in the interest of the students and will be the hero.”


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