Education remains key in underserved communities — CEO, EGO Foundation

The Chief Executive Officer of Ego Foundation, Toluwalase Olaniyan has said that education remains a key aspect towards giving people in underserved communities a better life.

Olaniyan said this in commemoration of the International Day of Education.

He emphasized the importance of technical and vocational education to youths, most especially, in underserved communities.

According to Olaniyan, having such education is key to navigating through hard times and presenting youths with options to thrive in life.

He said, “In the words of Ifreke Brendan, “Technical and vocational education cannot be downplayed as it remains the key to giving those in underserved communities the ability to navigate the tough hand that life has dealt them”.

“The 2023 International Day of Education was celebrated recently, and it presented us the opportunity to understand the importance of education and how it creates better opportunities for all those who are exposed to it.

“Currently, EGO foundation is supporting education by playing heavily in the technical and vocational education space.

“Last year alone, EGO foundation partnered with the Federal Government on the Project T-MAX. Project T-MAX is a Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Programme launched in 2022 to equip Nigerians with the technical & vocational skills they need to be self-employed and self-reliant.

“In line with the theme this year, “to invest in people, prioritize education.

He added, “It is high time education is prioritized in our local communities as it remains the key to creating a life full of diverse options for our youth. What better way to do this than to ensure that today’s youth have the requisite technical and vocational skills to sustain themselves in this harsh economy”.


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