TAFTA: Providing world-class creative education to thousands of Nigerian youth

Nigerian youths are in a class of their own in terms of creativity and innovation, a quality revealed best by their progress in the creative industry. It is unimaginable the impact to be had on our society when they are fully empowered and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Recognizing the significance of youth contributions to economic growth and the much-needed transformation of Nigeria’s creative industry, Terra Kulture launched its creative academy – Terra Academy For The Arts (TAFTA) in 2022.

TAFTA, which opened its doors to its 1st cohort in October, provides world-class creative education, career and entrepreneurial support opportunities that will provide participants with training on relevant skills across key sub-sectors in theatre and business.

The free program provides creative education and practical training to disadvantaged youths through impactful and innovative six-week courses strategically designed by handpicked experts in the creative industry.

The courses at TAFTA were crafted to service all participants efficiently, including students without prior knowledge of the modules or course materials. After the six-week run, an additional two-week inclusive program has been designed to ensure the practical application of the courses through hands-on experience workshops.

With thousands of students graduating in its 1st cohort, the creative academy has announced the reopening of its admissions portal. Scheduled to resume in February 2023, incoming students of the sought-after academy will undertake rigorous curriculums across four innovative courses, including scriptwriting, stage lighting, sound design, and animation, all of which have been incorporated with business and entrepreneurship modules.

According to current statistics, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is forecasted to reach 33% by the end of 2022, underscoring the importance of creating opportunities for the nation’s youth with unique talents to access training, career, and entrepreneurial support opportunities. With this in consideration, TAFTA is available for Nigerians aged 16 – 35 who hold a senior secondary school qualification and are located in Lagos, Kano, and Ogun states.

In addition, TAFTA recently launched six learning centres for students who lack access to the internet, electricity, or compatible devices. This is to ensure that those in need of the academy have optimum opportunities to participate.

The program works to offer access to the necessary training and upskilling of young creatives to provide them access to dignified work and contribution to Africa’s global competitiveness. Intending to train 65,000 Nigerian youths within five years, the academy has urged interested parties to submit their application for the free program on their website www.terraacademyforthearts.com.


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