Nigeria Without Corruption Is My Dream

Silence is golden but when you are quiet when you should speak, you  have condoned that which you should speak against. These past weeks  has shown that poor leadership is not just a local issue it is a national issue and affects us all.

Are we taking responsibility for our actions? The world of today is a place ruled by dreams, I can honestly identify myself with them. Many countries of the world got where they are today because of the desire and dreams of  many other individuals. But in Nigeria our dreams, desires and want stop there. Just wants, wishes and desires, in the bedroom, in your head.

Nigeria, the giant of Africa is known for the rich natural and material resources bestowed on us by God and in fact is being envied by many  nations of the world. Many sovereign states would be glad to trade places with us but not many would trade economic situation.

This is due to the economic challenges and hurdles that we face. Nigeria gained her independence in 1960. This was after we had been colonised for about 100years and to achieve this independence, our heroes past had to struggle and suffer but at the end of it all, the flag flew high.

I am almost hundred percent sure that if any prominent man like late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was asked about his view of Nigeria in 50 years to come, his answer will contrast with our current situation.

Today in Nigeria, citizens are faced with a lot of problems like, inadequate water supply, poor health care facilities, poor transport systems, no  electricity and many others. But my dreams for Nigeria utterly differs from all these.

As a dreamer, if I were to be asked what the Nigeria of my dreams is, I would say that it is a place where bribery, corruption and all other sorts of political vices amongst us will be alien and unknown. For me a major reason for the problem we face is corruption. Corruption has eaten deep into the Nigerian system. To the extent that even people in the market square cheat the customers in order to make profits.

Education plays a major role in the kind of leaders we produce in this country and the kind of future we want for our Nigeria. Today, in our state, due to the low standard of educational facilities, “Brain Drain” has become the order of the day. Nigerians are blessed with high intelligent quotient and high level of technical reasoning. But if Nigerians have no educational facilities to build up their intellect, there would be no other  choice than to emigrate rather than have your skill die.

The sovereign state we want is a place ruled by selfless leaders who would put themselves in the shoes of citizens and leaders who are dreamers. Right from the bible times, good leaders have been dreamers, speaking about the likes of Joseph the dreamer, it was made clear that it was ahead of them.

The Nigeria we want is a place where all citizens live together communally irrespective of financial status, religion or tribe. It is a place with no issue of Boko Haram or killings by Fulani Herdsmen.

It is a place where genocide is alien. I dream not only from my angle but from the perspective of my fellow children. Consider a widow who is a petty trader selling tomatoes in the  market having a child with a hole in her heart. I am certain that if such a  woman was to be asked what the Nigeria of her dream is; she would say it is a place with good health care facilities.

The Nigeria we live in today, is a place where the health care facilities are poor to the extent of lacking drugs in the hospitals. There are cases where after a patient has been checked, instead of giving him the required medications, he would be referred to a chemist to buy drugs.

And sadly, our politicians do nothing about it, because they have the money to go abroad for treatment. Due to these factors the death rate in Nigeria is on the rise. Also, I want a place where there are good and highly standardized infrastructural facilities, a place where pipe  borne water is readily available, and there is electricity at a constant  supply and good roads beautified with traffic lights.

I dream of a place where the citizens have cause to live and enjoy their lives. I dream of a nation where true democracy is practiced.

True democracy entails complete practice of the rule of law. Naturally, in democracy, “Nobody is above the law” but in Nigeria “No poor man is above the law.” In Nigeria the constitution states that  who kills should be killed and who steals should face imprisonment.

But the reverse is the case in reality. Whenever a renowned politician has been caught in the act of theft or looting of public funds they will be sued to court after which the case would be transferred and adjourned  incessantly until forgotten.

Lastly, the Nigeria that I want and dream of is a place where every

Nigerian is treated as equal. A place where there will be no special benefit for the rich, or for the Christians, or Muslims, a place everyone is  happy.


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