UBEC moves to address moral decadence in schools

The Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC is engaging stakeholders to ensure moral education and value reorientation for quality behaviour of children in all Primary and Secondary schools in the country.

Speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting on moral regeneration and re-orientation at basic education level in Abuja, the Executive Secretary of UBEC, Dr. Hamid Bobboyi said over the years, there has been great concern over the degeneration of moral and overturn of values in the society.

‘’This is demonstrated in the many vices and negative behavior such as stealing, drunkenness, financial crime known as yahoo-yahoo, truancy, violence, and many others.  The disheartening aspect is that many of these vices are now prevalent in our schools especially the basic education schools’’ he stated.

Dr Bobboyi explained that the Universal Basic Education Commission as an agency of Government has the onus to re-order the situation ‘’to ensure the acquisition of appropriate level of literacy, numeracy, manipulative, communicative and life skills as well as ethical, moral, and civic values’’.

 ‘’In as much that there are many other institutions responsible for moulding the character of the child, the school plays a major role in the life of a child. The school is a socializing agent of moral and character building where responsible functional citizens are developed from the cradle’’, he said.

He affirmed that the basic education level is where learners are given the opportunity to equip themselves with moral values, skills and competencies that would assist them in effecting personal and community positive change.

The Director, Teacher Development, Mr. Aleshin Olumayowa, said the Commission was determined to inculcate values and raise morally upright individuals capable of independent thinking and who appreciate the dignity of labour.


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