Expert advises students to avoid fake foreign schools, websites

An overseas education expert, Edna Joseph, has counselled that verification is key to protecting students from unscrupulous people parading as agents.

Edna, who runs Profound Educational Services, an agency that helps place students into schools in Canada, in a statement made available on Monday warned prospective students to be wary of false claims, fake schools with phony websites, and hidden fees.

She added that students should always verify both the sender and the accreditation of the institution they sought to attend.

“If a student receives an unsolicited email, they should verify the authenticity of the sender by checking the email address and conducting research.”

To avoid losing funds to fraudsters, she also underscored the importance of using official communication channels and consulting experts, saying prospective students should work with only accredited agents.

She advised that any communication along the admissions process that was unofficial should raise a red flag.

“We advise our students to be cautious of unsolicited emails or calls claiming to represent a university or scholarship program ,” she said, adding that following official channels boosts confidence.

“When applying to study abroad, we help you apply through an official channel as we are affiliated with those schools. This will give you the peace of mind that your application is being processed securely. “We help students apply to verifiable accredited institutions,” she said.

To avoid misinformation, Edna said it was important to consult experts like Profound Educational Services.

In choosing an expert to work with, Edna said students should check that they are engaging an organization that would listen to them and carries them along the whole process, and not one that does things behind their backs.

Ultimately, to succeed in the application process, and even afterward, as a student, Edna said the applicant must be serious-minded and determined.


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