LASUSTECH develops initiative to tackle societal challenges

The Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Lagos, said it has developed a six-strategic initiative “IMPACT” vision to tackle societal challenges.

A statement by the institution said six areas are Infrastructural development, manpower development, productivity and prosperity of the university community, a strong university culture of academic excellence, catalyst to the Lagos State agenda and town and gown relationship in the context of entrepreneurial orientation.

“The university administration has developed a six-strategic initiative “IMPACT” vision designed to make LASUSTEH become a highly competitive, much–sought after, globally-acclaimed, world-class university.

“The university admitted 2,600 students in February 2023, into 36 programmes and now has approval for another three programmes in Insurance, Hotel and Tourism Management and Chemical Engineering.

The university has engaged several members of Lagos State Government at partnering and collaborating with them to develop solutions to priority problems of the State.”

It added that as the government continued to use technology to tackle the problems facing its evergrowing population, LASUSTECH would continue to train and produce the required manpower to meet the demands of society.

“The university marked the 2023 World Environmental Day on June 5, with the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution.”  In addition, the students of the university Secondary School were taught how to convert waste to wealth.

The university through its College of Agriculture organised a workshop on the prevention and control of Anthrax in July 2023 and worked with the Ministry of Agriculture to vaccinate cattle against the disease.

The University is developing its manpower through seminars, training, and attendance at conferences so that they can be better in teaching, research and finding solutions.

Another innovative approach of the university is the involvement of field practitioners in its curriculum delivery thus helping it produce solution providers who are also fit-for-purpose graduates.

New programmes in marine science, rail technology, and environmental management are in the pipeline taking cognisance of the emerging trends in making Lagos a better place.”


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