‘Let children value culture’

Renowned Nigerian comedian, Erem Emeka Nehemiah, also known as Ajebo, has introduced a captivating educational and entertainment animation music series, ‘Jeni and Keni.’ Ajebo said the animation aimed at educating, entertaining and instilling cultural values in African children using Afrobeat music!

Speaking during the unveiling, he revealed that the primary goal of ‘Jeni and Keni’ was to empower African children with pride in their heritage, promoting the idea that they could embrace their identity and still be trendy.

“We seek to bridge the educational gap among children while imparting essential values such as empathy, kindness, and more. ‘Jeni and Keni’ is all set to captivate young audiences through Jeni and Keni Facebook and YouTube channel.

“We are addressing these concerns by infusing ‘Jeni and Keni’ with rich African values, culture, languages, and captivating stories. The series advocate for important virtues like care, teamwork, and love, showcasing children wearing Ankara fabrics and other fabrics in the cartoons.”

Ajebo also revealed, “Our songs are not just catchy but also valuable learning materials.

We’re currently streaming on YouTube and Facebook, with plans to launch an app in the near future. This app will feature African stories, languages, games, music playlists for kids and more.”

During the premiere, ‘Jeni and Keni’ episodes covered engaging lessons on spelling, colour recognition, numeracy, and other exciting content, promising an entertaining and educational experience for children across Africa.

He added that the animation reinforced cultural values and promoted a stronger sense of identity among young viewers.

“All over the world, in Africa, we have our values and beliefs. We have things that are our own, our foods, our culture, clothes which we want to reflect in our cartoons,” he said.

Recognising the profound impact of media and entertainment on children, he underscored the critical role of parental guidance in shaping the contents that children consume.

Ajebo shared, “ What you expose children to greatly influences their behaviour.”


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