LASHMA develops research modules on digital care

The Lagos State Health Management Agency has developed four research modules on telemedicine.

This was made known at a multistakeholders’ workshop organised by LASHMA for the implementation to test equitable digital-first care in Lagos.

General Manager,  LASHMA, Dr. Emmanuella Zamba, explained that the workshop aimed to discuss the modules that would assist in implementing the appropriate telehealth.

“We are looking at what are the possible acts that we need to implement in Lagos State to spread telehealth, especially concentrating on people in under-served areas and the vulnerable members in our community.

“We are still doing activation on this matter, and we have developed four modules that will help us implement these. And now we are here to discuss with stakeholders to look at these modules and see which one will work, what and what should be put in place to ensure the success of it.”

Public Relations Officer,  the Society for Telemedicine and eHealth in Nigeria, Dr Raphel Akangbe, added that the policy would assist in solving healthcare challenges in the country.

He said, “This policy is a good one and it is going to help the healthcare system, not only in Lagos, because we know the problem that the healthcare system is facing generally in the country, Telehealth has come to support the healthcare system and ensure that people have equal access to healthcare so that there won’t be any demarcation of healthcare services to certain kind of people.”

Principal/Director Solina Center for International Development and Research, Oluwaleke Jegede,

“We are to share the lesson on assessment that LASHMA had done over the last six to eight months. They have done quite a bit of work in understanding how to ensure that everybody in Lagos can access healthcare through digital technology to make sure that no one is left behind.

“The outcome of this event is one big step in the right direction. Today, we know the set of things that we need to do right to make sure that digital solutions are tailored to the needs of everybody regardless of your social economic class.

We have a lot of outcomes on how to make people access healthcare through mobile applications, through kiosks located at strategic locations such as markets.”

“We are not just doing research, we have resources to make sure that following the conclusion of this phase, we will proceed with actual testing. We have resources to make modification for everybody.”


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