‘No investment is too much to fund scholarship’

On December 2, the three beneficiaries of Rev Idowu Foundation, (RIF) First Annual University Full scholarship Awards  will be unveiled via Zoom with a fascinating parade of individuals lined up for the presentation and  programme of  event. The chief sponsor of the scholarship, Bayonle  Idowu, speaks to DIPO OGUNSOLA on the motives, expectation and prospects of the venture.

How do you feel about the maiden edition of the RIF scholarship?

I feel it is the beginning of greater things to come. I have been surrounded by beautiful people who pulled their best effort to help in the process. Now, our process is solid and has produced unbiased, impartial scholarship award winners.

How competitive was the entry for the scholarship?

The scholarship awards process was so competitive it could only produce the best of the best. Aside from the Examinations and Qualification Board being headed by a Professor of Education from the University of Ibadan, we had veteran teachers including myself and other brilliant individuals that joined in the process. The process was designed to be progressive and we used tight Figures of Merits to measure the progression. The screening was very tight and it has finally produced 11 finalists, among whom three of them will win the awards.

In financial terms, what is the value of this venture?

The cost of formalising this process is very steep. We could have just picked three youngsters that needed help, pay their tuition and end it there. However, we wanted to do it right, and we wanted to make it an institution that would grow to increase the number of recipients and beneficiaries, hence the need to do things right. Currently, I am the sole sponsor of the venture, but we will soon be reaching out for help.

  Where do you see graduates of this scholarship?

I see the graduates of this scholarship being successful in their future endeavours. One of the qualifying elements is ‘passion’ and I see that a lot in them. They want to succeed by all legal and moral means. Moreso, we have a process in place that will monitor their staying on course. They will be checked upon every month, we require their HODs and at least a peer to write on their conduct at the end of a semester, we ensure their grade do not drop below 2.1, otherwise they will lose the scholarship opportunity. Also, we encourage them to take up internship during the holidays. We have set up a counselling opportunity for them throughout their academic periods and we also pay them stipends to take care of their personal needs. We are working to see how we can help them post-university wise to settle them into a career.

How do you see the prospects of the Foundation in terms of sustenance and durability?

Yes, there›s a huge prospect for this venture. As the Lord blesses me and the people around me, the project will not go into oblivion. Though voluntary, the beneficiaries are also making vows to be financially committed as they launch into their future careers. However, I intend to seek partnership. We are packaging everything needed to affirm the authenticity of this cause.

We are setting up platforms like ‘Go-Fund-Me,’ ‘Flutterwave,’ among others to reach out to people and we are also working on increasing traffic on our social media for greater visibility. There is opportunity for whoever whose heart is touched and moved by compassion for the non-privileged to join us in the cause. You don’t have to have millions to participate, every penny counts. We can all work together to make the world a better place.


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