‘Digital innovation will aid entrepreneurship, wealth creation’

Mountain Top University, Ogun State, has said disruptive technology will aid the growth of entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Speaking at the fifth MTU International Conference On Entrepreneurship, titled, ‘Entrepreneurship, Disruptive Technology And Wealth Management: A Panacea To An Innovative Economy, Vice-Chancellor, MTU, Prof. Elijah Ayolabi, explained that disruptive technologies referred to innovative advancements that had the potential to significantly alter existing industries, markets, and societal practices. He added that it often emerges unexpectedly, challenging traditional methods and introducing new approaches that could revolutionise entire sectors.

Ayolabi said, “Disruptive technology has come to the rescue. Disruptive technology has greatly enhanced entrepreneurship so that anybody can, from the comfort of his house, engage in entrepreneurship and create legitimate wealth.

Therefore, one cannot speak of wealth creation today without involving disruptive technology. Wealth creation, entrepreneurship, and disruptive technology operate side by side.”

The first keynote speaker at the two-day conference, Executive Chairman, Step Development Limited, Dr Aderemi Oseni, told the students to keep up with the modern digital trends, saying that they should leverage and most importantly, embrace the power of disruptive technology and leverage innovative wealth management techniques.

“I want to personally appeal to all MTU students that regardless of your course of study at this university, please develop the right attitude, skills, capacity, capabilities, and competency in digital disruptive technology because it is your passport to the waorld of unending opportunity, possibilities, economic prosperity, enduring impacts and a legacy in this post-dot-com era. I would like to encourage the university to take more practical steps to translate all identified potentials, benefits, and opportunities offered by disruptive technology through this conference to reality and landmark students’ entrepreneurship development. “

Oseni who is also the Chairman of the House Committee on FERMA, National Assembly, Abuja, advised MTU to set up the ‘MTU Entrepreneurship Incubation Endowment Fund,’ and provide the needed resources to build students’ capacity in digital entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Acting Director, CEDI, Dr Pat Erigbe, said, “For our fifth entrepreneurship conference, we were able to highlight the importance of destructive technology in terms of wealth creation and sustainable economy,. These days, there is a belief that we need to empower our youths to look for what to do, in terms of solving societal problems in terms of innovation, in terms of wealth creation, so that’s the dimension this conference has taken because for us to maintain sustainable development and wealth creation, disruptive technology is the way to go.”

-Deputy director, LOC, Dr Nelly Ndukwe,  added, “Looking at wealth management, it is important to have technology to do your business. How do you manage your wealth? Management is very important. So we put those three as one.”


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