Academy celebrates 19,000 graduates

Terra Academy for the Arts has graduated over 19,000 learners who completed a program on acquiring valuable skills in theatre arts and entrepreneurship.

TAFTA, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young Nigerians through creative education and entrepreneurship opportunities, recently held a grand graduation ceremony for its cohorts two to five at the prestigious Terra Kulture Arena.

Founded in 2021 by Nigeria’s leading cultural centre, Terra Kulture, a statement said that TAFTA aimed to bridge the gap in the creative industry by providing accessible and innovative training programs in creative arts.

 The academy offers a robust e-learning curriculum with specialised courses in sound design, stage lighting, animation, and scriptwriting, all integrated with entrepreneurship modules to equip graduates with a holistic skill set.

She said,  “Look inwards and look at the talent you have, see how you can use it to improve yourself and the world. The world is there for you to take, so work hard and work for a better future for each one of us.”

Delivering the keynote address, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, encouraged graduates to dream big, expect challenges, and work harder to become better versions of themselves.

Ogunsola said, “I’m encouraging you all to dream big, expect challenges work to overcome every challenge coming your way, and continuously strive for excellence in your chosen fields.”

“I want to urge you all not to be held back by fear and to give your all in your pursuits, as it is very important to uphold perseverance and dedication as virtue”

The graduation ceremony was graced by Joke Silva, an award-winning veteran actress, along with other key players in the industry.

TAFTA was launched with the ambitious mission of upskilling 65,000 underserved Nigerian youths through innovative creative education and practical training.


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