Lagos students lament dilapidated laboratory

Lanre Awolokun High School is located in a buzzing part of Gbagada, Lagos.

It is not out of place to believe that the luxury of the environment and its residents would have a positive impact on the development and aesthetics of the school.

Unfortunately, the beauty of the environment did not in any way rub off on the school.

Meanwhile, Lanre Awolokun High School, Gbagada, does not have any standard or well-equipped laboratory to prepare its senior secondary students for national examinations.

Also, there is nothing in the lab to give the students a sense of being science students. This is because the school makes use of just one laboratory which is in shambles.

The laboratory tables are broken with no apparatuses like burette, test tube, watch glass, crucible, volumetric flasks, beakers, bunsen burner, or spatula on display to help instill a permanent picture of what science is all about in the minds of these young learners.

A walk into the rickety laboratory reveals different shades of old and worn-out furniture. The lab, which is located on the last floor of the story building had potholes leaking into the roof of the ground floor.

The wall paintings were faded with patches, the windows had broken and dirty louvers, and all the fittings were dirty, archaic, and not functioning.

One of the science students, Muyinat Abimbola, said, “That is the way we have been using the laboratory, nothing is functioning there, there are no apparatuses and specimens, and we only receive theory classes there. It is terrible. I do not feel happy about the whole situation because I am a science student and we need a standard lab to learn and pass our exams well.”

Another student, who gave his name simply as Nelson lamented, “We learn so many things on our own through YouTube. Our teachers are also trying, they teach us well,  but it will be beautiful if we have a nice laboratory as seen on YouTube and in my friend’s school.”


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