Sokoto varsity union urges state govt, management to prioritise staff welfare

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), Sokoto State University (SSU) chapter, has appealed to the state government and the management of the University to prioritize staff welfare of staff.

SSANU, in a press statement signed by the chairman Ismail Bala Muhammad and its secretary, Mansur Ahmad, on Sunday, highlighted critical issues impacting staff welfare and union matters at Sokoto State University.

“On staff welfare, SSANU-SSU emphasizes the urgent need for improved staff welfare measures to ensure the well-being and productivity of university staff members. 

“We call upon the State government, university management and relevant stakeholders to prioritize the enhancement of staff welfare policies and initiatives.

“We express concern and call the attention of the state government over distorted union dues deductions which is greatly affecting the daily operations of the union and our members. 

“The dues are being deducted from our salaries and to be sent to our Union. As at the time of the past administration, the second tenure, we had challenges concerning our union dues, the deductions being made were withheld, for seven months with the Ministry of Finance. 

“After a series of dialogues with some personnel at the Ministry of Finance and also through NLC to enable us to receive our remaining seven months proved abortive. 

“The same menace is being experienced in this administration, where our union remittance is paid in half for the past five months. We demand transparency and accountability in the management and remittance of our union dues, to ensure that all deductions are accurately accounted for and utilized for the benefit of our members.”

The Union further urged the State government to fulfil its commitments regarding the payment of Earn Allowances to eligible staff members, which is said to serve as a vital component of staff compensation and must be disbursed in a timely and equitable manner. 

It also underscored the significance of continuous staff training and development initiatives to enhance professional skills and competencies among university staff members. 

“We urge the State government to allocate adequate resources and support for staff training programs to promote excellence in teaching, research, and administrative functions”

On palliative and wage awards, the union called on the state government to implement palliative measures and wage awards to help cushion the subsidy remover. 

“Our colleagues at the Federal universities have long enjoyed the wage award of N35,000 for 6 months. The state government should also follow suit in paying six-month wage award arrears to our members, particularly in light of the challenging economic conditions in the country.

“We also advocate for the prompt implementation of the 25% salary increment as implemented by the federal government to all tertiary institutions in the country. 

“This increment is crucial to alleviate financial burdens and improve the livelihoods of our members who have long awaited this overdue adjustment.

“We sincerely hope Sokoto State government will take care of our demands for a perfect and smooth running of the university and the well-being of our members. 

“SSANU – SSU remains committed to advocating for the rights and welfare of our members and will continue to engage with relevant stakeholders to address these pressing issues effectively.”


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