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Education is a collective responsibility

‘’You have to take youths seriously, and parents even more’’.
The essence of Educare is beyond imagination. The world is swarming with opportunities, yet the youths flounder. The reason is simple. They do not have access to information to help them realize their ambition. The result, at times, is tragic, as they end up compromising. Oftentimes, career choices of children are altered by the demand and choice of parents- because they have not been able to get over the ‘my child has to be a doctor or an architect fixation’.

Educare Magazine, a Youth and Education targeted publication focuses on highlighting and elaborating the African education system, exploring discussions and insights for ensuring growth and development of the African Education System and the African Youth.

This career magazine is packed with reports, interactive counseling, seminars, conferences, features and articles of great interest.
It’s a magazine every student standing at the crossroad of life will look forward to.

While serving as a light of hope for students caught in dilemma, Educare is akin to a compass in hands of parents who want to guide their children towards the right path.

For students who are ambitious, career conscious and on the lookout for information that can give a clear direction to their careers, Educare is the right choice.

Educare is positioned in a very niche segment-Students/Youths.

Educare shall make a difference and guide you along the way.

Thank you and welcome to the world of Educare